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high end, sophisticated soft furnishings

…more than simply a stylish accessory

Finely selected pieces. Exclusive collection

…luxurious addition to any home, office or living space

100% genuine, ethically sourced furs

…the highest quality of materials

An aspiring new range

Voleur delivers an exclusive range of deluxe furs that are both modern and elegant. We offer finely selected pieces from rugs, cushions and throws to enhance your decor. With a focus on textures and tones, our attention to detail ensures that each of our products is a sensory experience. More than simply a stylish accessory, our collection boasts practicality with easy to care for fur products providing versatility.

Compassionate approach

Voleur’s range is made of the highest quality of materials. We devote our time searching to ensure our furs are 100% genuine and are ethically sourced. Our approach is inspired by an environmentally sustainable outlook as we deliver timeless style without further damage to the environment. With our unrivalled collection of soft furnishings, our pieces are a luxurious addition to any home, office or living space.

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